Our Classes

We offer a variety of classes for ages 2 – 99.

Preschool Dance and Tumble

Rising Stars
A 45 -minute combo ballet/tap/tumble class for the very young dancers,
ages 2.

Shooting Stars
A 60-minute combo ballet/tap/tumble class for dancers ages 3.

Fancy Feet
A 45-minute evening class combining ballet/tap/tumble for dancers,
ages 4-5.

Super Stars
A 60-minute combo ballet/tap/tumble class for young dancers ages 3-4.


Children’s Dance Classes

A 60-minute combo ballet/tap class for children in 1st grade, ages 6+.

Lyrical/ Jazz/ Tumble
A 60-minute lyrical/jazz/tumble class for children in first and second grade. 

A 90-minute combo ballet/tap/jazz class, performs 3 routines, for the second-fourth grades.

Hip Hop
A 45-minute hip hop class for dancers, ages 5+

Tumbling/ Acrobatics
 A 45-minute tumbling only class for students, ages 5+

Broadway/ Tap/ Jazz
A 90-minute combo tap/jazz class in Broadway style, ages 11+

Students taking the ballet/tap/tumble class will perform two routines in the spring recital.  Students taking the ballet/tap/jazz class will perform three routines in the Spring recital.


Ballet Studies

The Dance Center of Greensboro offers more than 16 ballet classes and rehearsals per week.  Classes consist of Cecchetti, ABT – National Training Curriculum, Vaganova as well as non-syllabus technique.  Our ballet program focuses on the proper development of each ballet dancer through proper alignment, correct technique, musicality, strength, and quality of movement.  Non-syllabus classes are essential for learning unseen enchainments and learning additional steps and variations for both male and female dancers.  Cecchetti syllabus classes include national ballet examinations.  This program inspires young dancers to reach to their full potential as they progress level to level, exactly as they do in school.  Come on in and try out your next ballet class with us!

Contemporary  Studies

The Dance Center of Greensboro offers contemporary, lyrical and modern classes.  Classes consist of a warm up, exercises emphasizing musical interpretation and emotional expression as well as proper technique of floor work, flexibility, strength, leaps, and turns.  DCG offers lyrical/jazz classes for our younger dancers age 6+ as well as contemporary and modern classes for the beginning, intermediate, advanced, and competitive levels.  Come on in and try out your next contemporary class with us!

Jazz Studies

Classes consist of warm-up, strengthening, floor work, body isolations, leaps and turns, and fun combinations in the style of the class.  DCG offers jazz/lyrical classes beginning at age 6 – adult.  We offer beginning thru advanced and competitive jazz options.  Come on in and try out your next jazz class with us.

Tap Studies

The Dance Center of Greensboro offers tap classes in various styles.  From beginning level through advanced in Broadway and rhythm styles.  Classes consist of warm-up, across the floor work, center work and combinations.  DCG offers tap classes beginning at age 7 thru adult.  Come on in and try out your next tap class with us.